About Sean Wholey


I grew up in Vienna, Va just outside Washington D.C. My educational background is in Painting and Printmaking, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. I moved to Philadelphia in the mid 90s and learned the trade of painting conservation which I continue to do at the Pennsylvania Art Conservatory.

Soon after moving to Philadelphia, I became interested in travel and exploring other cultures. I enrolled in an introductory black and white photography course where I learned to use a manual 35mm camera and how to develop in the darkroom. By the time the course was over, I had built my own darkroom in my basement and started shooting weddings with my teacher. Then I met my wife who also loved travel and so for the next ten years we travelled all over the world every spring and summer when we would have a break from work. 

Focusing more so on the family, we now have two boys who we adopted from South Korea. I still shoot weddings as well a youth sports, portraits, and events. Please contact me if I can be of service to you as your photographer.